Hope Gainer, Principal of Hope International has had the pleasure of meeting and working with many movers & shakers, industry titans, presidents, heads of state, royalty, celebrities and colorful characters over the course of her career. This has included notable figures like HRH Prince Albert II of Monaco, Prince Charles & Princess Diana of Wales, Russian President Boris Yeltsin & American Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton & Donald J. Trump, business leaders Sir Richard Branson & Peter Luersson, chateau/vineyard owners Sacha Lichine & Marilisa Allegrini, world-class athletes Bjorn Borg & Arnold Palmer, personalities Fabio & Victoria Silvstedt and many more. Gainer has also produced events on almost every continent including marquis events at the Monaco Grand, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival, Art Basel Miami Beach, Art Stage Singapore, Royal Ascot, Miami Beach Polo World Cup, Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, Australia's Bicentennial, Kremlin Cup and many others. Venues have included The White House, The Kremlin, The Sydney Opera House plus spectacular megayachts & waterfront estates as well as other unique places around the world.


1. HRH Prince Albert II of Monaco & Hope 2. Sir Richard Branson & Hope 3. Marilisa Allegrini & Hope 4. Denise Rich & Hope 5. Sacha Lichine & Hope 6. Victoria Silvstedt & Hope 7. Alain Riviere & Hope 8. John Newcombe & Hope 9. Michel Friess & Hope 10. Cindy Guyer & Hope 11. President Bill Clinton & Hope 12. Nicole Miller & Hope 13. Peter Luerssen & Hope 14. Thomas Kramer & Hope 15. President Donald Trump & Hope


1. Art Basel Miami Beach 2. Hope at Hibiscus Island Art & Style Soiree 3. Hope at Art Basel 4. Performer Lita Chow Yuen at Hibiscus Island Art & Style Soiree 5. Art Basel Miami Beach 6. Hope at Art Zoo event 7. Model at Art Zoo event 8. Monaco Grand Prix 9. Eco Artland installation Star Island 10. Eco Artland models Star Island 11. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix fireworks at Yas Viceroy Hotel 12. Hope at Abu Dhabi F1 13. Monaco International Yacht Show 14. Paul Chevalier & Hope with Chateau d’Esclans at Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show 15. Hope at Yas Viceroy Hotel Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Display for Viceroy Panama Development 16. Miami Beach Polo World Cup 17. Nacho Figueros & Hope 18. Miami Beach Polo World Cup 19. Dr. Roudner Promotional Party Hibiscus Island 20. Performer at Dr. Roudner Promotional Party Hibiscus Island 21. Royal Ascot 22. Hope at Royal Ascot 23. Royal Ascot 24. Hope at Monaco Grand Prix 25. Hope & Jan Gert Wooldrik aboard MY/Harle Monaco F1


1. Arnold Palmer 2. Bjorn Bjorg 3. John Newcombe 4. Nicole Bobek 5. Nicole Bobek 6. Sir Richard Branson & Boris Becker at Necker Cup 7. Necker Cup Program 8. Bjorn Borg 9. Martina Navratilova & Sir Richard Branson at Necker Cup 10. Sir Richard Branson at Necker Cup 11. Daniel Hechter ad campaign model 12. Daniel Hechter ad campaign model 13. Daniel Hechter ad campaign model 14. Daniel Hechter ad campaign model/James Bond stuntman 15. Daniel Hechter ad campaign model 16. Cindy Guyer Romance Doll 17. Cindy Guyer on romance novel cover 18. Cindy Guyer 19. Fabio 20. Victoria Silvstedt 21. Hope with photographer & models for Alaska ad campaign 22. Hope with Masai Tribe for Africa ad campaign 23. Hope at Beijing Property Showcase 24. Hope in Iceland whale watching while visiting Icelandic Glacial headquarters 25 Hope in Iceland snowmobiling 26. NY Mets Wives Fashion Show Program 27. Hope at Shea Stadium 28. Nicole Miller & model Alejandra Basile at Shea Stadium 29. NY Mets Wives Fashion Show 30. NY Mets Wives Fashion Show Program 31. Icelandic Glacial campaign 32. Miami City Ballet 33. New World Symphony 34. Dance & Deco After Dark Ballet Charity invitation 35. Bjorn Borg Design Group U.S. Launch Party invitation 36. Mykonos Meets Miami invitation 37. Art & Style Soiree invitation 38. Soulmate Soiree invitation 39. Celebrating Art invitation 40. Art Inspired by Burning Man invitation