We launch and relaunch companies, brands & personalities on a turnkey basis from inception to marketplace, strategizing on product development, pricing, distribution channels, advertising, promotion, public relations, events etc…


We develop branding strategies that can include naming the brand or creating and executing strategies that build new and existing brand names in the marketplace locally and globally.


We create advertising campaigns that are memorable and showcase product/brand attributes to grow brand awareness and customer appeal to the targeted market.

Public Relations

We offer public relations programs that help get companies, brands and personalities noticed and build brand awareness and integrity to the desired customer base.

Social Media

We build social media platforms into our marketing campaigns for clients that meet client needs and customers desired.

Influencer Marketing

We identify appropriate influencers for companies and brands to collaborate with for reaching expanded audiences and acquiring new customers.

Special Events

We turnkey events from conception to completion worldwide focused on showcasing company and brand images to desired audiences from mega-events to intimate private affairs.


We identify appropriate sponsorship opportunities to showcase companies and brands from TV, advertising or live events to sports, cultural or philanthropic activities and events.


We assist brands in developing and executing licensing programs worldwide enabling brands to grow efficiently in other product categories and countries that are synergistic with the brand.


We help develop merchandising programs for companies and brands placing their names on a variety of product types that make sense.